Re-inventing the Fruit Cake...

Following the release and great success of our own version of the Chinese Moon Cakes earlier this year, we wanted to create the same approach to a Western holiday treat – Christmas Fruit Cake. Specifically, we created 2 version of the Fruit Cake: one as a 'Bouchée' collection and the other as a 'Tea Cake' sold as a kit with our novel 'Chocolate Tea'.

Crispy Cherry Cake Ganache Collection

Crispy Cherry Cake Ganache Collection - Like the Moon Cakes, we created this collection based on ingredients associated with the traditional fruit cake, but developed a completely different version as a ‘bouchée’. To start, the cake portion is based on a French specialty called ‘Cake aux fruits’ which is similar to a pound cake in texture and laced with only 3 types of dried fruits: cherry, cranberry and orange peels with some Kirsch brandy. For texture contrast, the cake is placed on top of a disc of hazelnut chocolate praline cream with crispy crepe cookies. And lastly, a soft ganache made with different fruit-based liquid caramels is poured over the crispy praline / cake components. All of the chocolate bouchées are decorated with an almond paste top featuring custom designed patterns representing the holiday theme of snowflakes. Each collection features an assortment of 4 chocolate bouchées in the flavours posted below and is sold in gift box with one each of the flavours in sealed plastic pouches for freshness. 

  • William Pear & Chestnut Cream Caramel Ganache
  • Lychee Rose & Raspberry Caramel Ganache
  • Cassis Blackberry & Elderberry Ganache
  • Mandarin & Orange Zest Caramel Ganache

For the packaging, Wild Sweets® Creative Team custom designed and produced in-house a Limited Edition ‘Holiday’ FoodArt’ print cover for the chocolate boxes. A macro-photography scene representing a ‘stained glass’ theme was created by incorporating the colour scheme typically associated with the holiday season – green and red – and sugar crystals glued on a sheet of bloomed gelatine (providing the glass effect) and artistically coloured with liquid food colour. The image was then superimposed with a ‘graffiti’ inspired brush stroke illustration of the French term – cocoatiers – which translate as ‘chocolate-makers’ in English. The final Limited Edition artwork prints are individually glued by hand in-house on each chocolate box cover.

As per the collection above, this Crispy Chocolate Cherry Orange 'Tea Cake' has the same cake base portion, but does not contain a fresh cream chocolate ganache. Instead, the cake is placed over a crunchy buttery 'sablé' cookie topped with a hazelnut chocolate praline cream with crispy crepe flakes for texture contrast. The cake is then wrapped in a thin layer of almond paste and finished with a dark chocolate coating. And finally, a sheet of almond paste adorned with a custom designed patterns representing holiday themes finishes the cake.


The Crispy Chocolate Cherry Tea Cake is sold as a 'Kit' with our unique all natural 'Chocolate Tea'. The Cake serves 6 or more servings (520 g) and comes with 6 Chocolate Tea Bags (6 or more serving) - tea bags only / not as pictured. Note that our unique all natural 'Chocolate Tea' is made entirely from pure in-house roasted cocoa beans / husks only and some vanilla bean powder - no sugar and/or any other ingredients! The tea maybe brewed with some additional aromatic ingredients such as fresh lemongrass, fresh citrus zest, etc. This unique sugar-free infusion is a healthy beverage alternative to coffee as cocoa beans are rich in powerful antioxidants such as polyphenols and naturally contain very low levels of caffeine (less than 10-times that of coffee per serving).

These new seasonal items are available on a Limited Release basis only from November 21 to December 24, 2016 or until supply last, which ever comes first. To guarantee supply, we highly recommend pre-ordering before visiting our The Atelier Chocolate Gallery retail store. Note that the Crispy Chocolate Cherry Tea Cake is packaged differently for orders to be shipped.

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Dominique Duby