Composed Desserts – Prêt-á-Manger Ice Cream Now Available at The Atelier!

With warm summer days, ice cream comes to mind as the perfect refreshing treat or end of meal dessert! We just started a brand new ice cream program here at Wild Sweets® By Dominique & Cindy Duby that we call “Prêt-á-Manger”, which would be best described as ‘sundaes’. Although also served in single serving containers and meant to be eaten on the go, our versions are very different in both content and execution from what you will find in local ice cream shops. Our Prêt-á-Manger Ice Cream and Desserts are now available exclusively at The Atelier in Richmond, BC.

Firstly, our composed dessert feature several elements each providing a different texture including a creamy nut parfait, unctuous ice cream, high fruit tangy sorbet, low sugar fruit sauce and crunchy cookie. Conversely, sundaes maybe made with soft serve instead of churned ice cream, and typically do not contain a sorbet and would not have a parfait included. FYI – parfait is a French pastry term that relates to a recipe of an egg-sugar mixture foamed over heat, basically a ‘sabayon’, mixed with pure nut butters, then whipped cream resulting into an extremely light yet rich in texture ‘mousse’ like preparation.

Secondly, our ice creams and sorbets are not made using the conventional ice cream machine, but instead the custard bases for ice creams or fruit purees for sorbets are ‘creamed’ from a frozen state using a totally different technology and machinery. Specifically, batch freezing can take anywhere between 15 to 30-minutes per cycle whereas we produce 1-liter of ice cream or sorbet in 1-minute. Ice crystals that typically results from conventional churning are non-existent with our method and instead yields an incredibly creamy texture. Our method also provides an overrun of between 10 to 15% maximum meaning you get more ice cream or sorbet and less air!

Lastly, all additional textural elements are made in house from our 20% sugar fruit confit sauces, slow roasted candied nuts to the buttery French sablé cookies. Note that our composed ice cream desserts are best enjoyed at a temperature of -8°C / 18°F so we suggest to remove from the freezer and leave in fridge for 30-to-60 minutes before serving to allow them to reach the perfect serving temperature.

We recommend that you order online prior to pick up at The Atelier.

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