BTB Ecuador Origin 'Intensely' Chocolate Terrine

BTB Ecuador Origin 'Intensely' Chocolate Terrine


PICKUP ONLY: This item does not ship and is only available to purchase online with pre-order (minimum 24-hours notice from pickup day) for collection at our retail store "The Atelier" Chocolate Lab Gallery: a factory retail outlet / presentation space for our brand and its products in Richmond. See location & store hours.

Synopsis: Each layer of this cake provides a different texture, including a cloud-like mousse, unctuous cream, rich ganache and crispy/crunchy base.

Architecture: Layers of double chocolate Brownie cake, crispy crêpes hazelnut praliné, dark chocolate & vanilla bean ganache, dark chocolate Crème Brûlée cream, dark chocolate sabayon mousse, chocolate gelée, and elegantly finished with chocolate pearls and hand-painted chocolate decor.

Suggested Pairing: Hot Chocolate, coffee or a sweet fortified wine such as Portuguese LBV Port, California Black Muscat and/or Australia Liqueur Tokay.

Servings: 700 g / 6 portions [Standard serving = 110g / person]

Serving/Storage: This dessert must be stored in the fridge at all times and consumed within 48 hours of purchase. Remove from the fridge at least 1 hour before serving to allow it to reach the perfect serving temperature.

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