Meet The Makers: Chocolate Tasting | Appreciation | Pairing Experience

Meet The Makers: Chocolate Tasting | Appreciation | Pairing Experience


This “Meet The Makers” experience session by Wild Sweets® By Dominique & Cindy Duby provides attendees with an exclusive behind-the-scene look into the artisan small-batch cocoa bean-to-bar chocolate-making at Wild Sweets® - ranked one of the ‘25 Best Chocolatiers in the World’ and awarded ‘Best Chocolatiers & Confectioners in America’. This multi-sensory experience features a visual presentation on the journey of the cocoa bean from its tropical farm to our chocolate-making lab. Your will explore each step of the cocoa bean-to-bar process directly from inside our Cocoa Bean lab ‘factory’. All “Meet The Makers” experience sessions are personally presented by the owners of Wild Sweets - world acclaimed chefs/authors Dominique & Cindy Duby - who will take you on a ‘tongue-on’ Edutaining experience of the art and science of artisan craft chocolate from tasting to appreciation to pairing. The full Experience sessions starts at 4:00 PM, last approximately 90-120 minutes and focuses on three experience topics including;

Tasting – you will taste the various stages of bean-to-bar production at Wild Sweets and you will explore the organoleptic make-up of the various chocolates based on a chocolate aroma wheel to learn how to perceive distinct profile of a specific origin – a process very similar to wine tasting. And here is a sample of the items presented including;

  • Roasted cocoa beans

  • Cocoa liquors

  • Chocolate at different stages of conching

  • Single origin chocolate bars x 4 origins (I.e. Peru, Ecuador, etc.)

Appreciation – you will be presented with a selection for tasting of products based on the various ‘sections’ of the chocolate + pastry field, all made from our own cocoa bean to bar chocolate, in various form, and here is a sample of the items that may be presented including;

  • btb chocolate almond croissant ‘pavé’ paired with hot chocolate

  • btb origin bean to bar ‘layered’ chocolate dessert (I.e. cake)

  • btb origin bean to bar chocolate ice cream or warm pastry paired with spiced fruit based chocolate Iced Tea

  • btb chocolates - an assortment of 8 filled chocolate bonbons, caramel and/or other textured confections.

Pairing – you will receive a dedicated tasting flight of small samples to be paired with chocolates that were specifically designed and crafted for pairing through aroma encapsulation. And here is a sample of the items presented including;

  • Table (red)

  • Fortified (LBV Port)

  • Beer (Ale type)

  • Spirit (barrel aged) 

Palate Cleanser: throughout the Experience session, our own novel 'Chocolate Tea' is served as a palate cleanser.

Terms & Conditions: Attendees must be 10-years or older to be part of this Experience and only those 19-years old will be served the sample beverage portion of the pairing exercise. Sessions dates maybe cancelled due to minimum attendance not being met. Full refunds will be provided with notice of cancellation maximum 72-hours from scheduled session date. All bookings are final and no refunds are provided unless with minimum 72-hours notice. If you are unable to attend a session and provide a minimum of 48-hours notice from scheduled session date, booking fees maybe used/transferred for another session date. Other conditions may apply, please contact us if you have any questions or concerns prior to registering. All Experience sessions are held in our Chocolate-Making Cocoa Bean Lab in Richmond, BC with ample free visitor parking at the location. Private sessions are also available with minimum seating, please inquire for more details.

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