cocoArt 'Spring' Limited Edition Collection

cocoArt 'Spring' Limited Edition Collection


This cocoArt collection will be available from March 15 to May 12, 2019 and/or while supply last, which ever comes first.

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The Wild Sweets® ‘Spring’ Limited Edition Chocolate Art Collection brings forward the freshness associated with Spring through the use of various fruits and decorated in a palette of spring-like pastel colours. Each chocolate within the ‘Spring’ Collection features 2 types of texturally contrasting fillings including a crispy and creamy nut praline as well as a soft ‘pate de fruit’ jelly made with different pure fruit juices. All of the chocolates are painstakingly handpainted with cocoa butter colours in different artistic patterns. This Collection is packaged in our Wild Sweets® FoodArt graphic art custom gift box (12-pieces only). The Wild Sweets® ‘Spring’ Collection features the following assortment of flavours;

  • Cassis gelée & Crispy peanut butter praliné

  • Cherry gelée & Crispy pistachio nut praliné

  • Banana gelée & Crispy peanut butter praliné

  • Raspberry gelèe & Crispy hazelnut butter praliné

Serving Size: Sold in gift box of 4-chocolates or 12-chocolates (@ 14g each). Select 'Box Size' in pull down option below.

Serving/Storage: Chocolates must be stored at 16°C/60°F or less, away from heat and/or sunlight. Best consumed within 6-weeks from date of purchase.

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