Composed Crème Brulée 'teXtuRe' - Pineapple Coffee Cake

Composed Crème Brulée 'teXtuRe' - Pineapple Coffee Cake


PICKUP ONLY: This item does not ship and is only available to purchase online for collection at and/or directly from our Cocoa Bean Lab Factory Store "The Atelier". See location & store hours. This product is a fall only Limited Edition ‘Special Promotion’ retailed at a high value pricing, which may change based on specific composition of the dessert.

Composed Créme Brulée teXtuRe Dessert: Each fall weekend - Saturday & Sunday from 12:30 to 3:30 PM on each day / while supplies last - we are offering a composed dessert paired with our special antioxidant hot Cocoa Tea. Each element of the composed dessert, and its pairing Fruit Cocoa Tea, is designed to provide a different mouth-feel sensation, contrasting textures and/or temperatures as well as aromatic pairing synergy. The composition / pairing for October 05/06 and 12/13 includes the following;

  • Coffee olive oil ‘Devil’s Food’ chocolate cake

  • Pineapple & lime compote

  • Baked chocolate crème brulée cream

  • Cocoa Bean to Bar dark chocolate coffee hazelnut praliné ice cream

  • Lime zest rosemary infused cream nitro foam

  • Roasted & caramel cashew nuts

  • Biscuit Sablé cookie crunch

  • White chocolate petals

  • Puffed cereal chocolate pearls

Pairing: Hot Cocoa Bean & Pineapple Tea infused with lime & orange zests, galangal, orange blossom water, vanilla, rosemary, cocktail bitters and lightly sweetened with honey.

Servings: Single dessert / drink served in disposable container to be enjoyed in our ‘long-table’ seated area. Note that in consideration to all customers, seating time is set at maximum 30-minutes, if there are waiting customers.

Serving/Storage: This dessert is made ‘a la minute’ to order only and is best consumed within minutes from assembly otherwise the texture of this product will be greatly compromised.

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