Double Bean To Bar Chocolate Marshmallow

Double Bean To Bar Chocolate Marshmallow


This novel Wild Sweets® Constructivism revisits a time-honoured classic 'Marshmallow'. Our unique take of this confection is different from traditional versions as it is whipped to a cloud-like consistency and 'firmed-up' with our cocoa bean to bar dark chocolate. The marshmallows are then rolled in a unsweetened cocoa powder - each ingredients adding a completely new flavour & texture profile taking this classic 'snack' to another level of deliciousness!

Serving Size: Sold in re-sealable kraft bags / 8-pieces.

Serving/Storage: Marshmallows must be stored away from heat and/or sunlight [16°C/60°F or less]. Best consumed within 14-days from date of purchase.

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