Easter cocoArt 'Chick & Egg'

Easter cocoArt 'Chick & Egg'


PICKUP ONLY: This item does not ship and is only available to purchase online for collection at and/or directly from our store "The Atelier" in Richmond, BC. See location & store hours. As this is a seasonal Limited Release item, to guarantee supply, we highly suggest pre-ordering before visiting the store!

Synopsis: Our sculptures are custom designed - Wild Sweets® Creative Team carves their our own mould masters and reproduce them in-house for chocolate casting. This sculpture depicts a modern 'Chicken & Egg' theme presentation and consists of a textured 'Straw' base and 'Chicken Silhouette' both made with our cocoa bean to bar milk chocolate laced with roasted almond and fresh salted butter caramel flakes. The 'Egg' is individually hand-painted with multiple layers of cocoa butter colours and studded with mini-eggs chocolates filled with hazelnut praliné cream & crispy French crêpe cookie flakes. The final sculpture presentations are elegantly displayed on a goild foil board, in a clear plastic packaging and tied with colour cloth ribbons.

Net weight: 190g

Serving/Storage: Chocolate sculptures must be stored at 16°C/60°F or less, away from heat and/or sunlight. Best consumed within 2-months from date of purchase. NB - items may not be exactly as shown in pictures

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