Caramels - Toasted Coconut & Smoked Salt

Caramels - Toasted Coconut & Smoked Salt


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This is our Wild Sweets® Chocolate Constructivism version of the classic soft caramel. Our version is based on the original French-style caramel made with fresh cream-and-butter, but we then add toasted coconut for another level of taste and texture. The caramels are then coated in our own vintage cocoa bean to bar dark chocolate and finished with a sprinkle of Chardonnay Oak smoked 'fleur de sel' sea salt for decor. 

Serving Size: Sold in gift box sleeve of 12-chocolates (@ 10g each).

Serving/Storage: Chocolates must be stored at 16°C/60°F or less, away from heat and/or sunlight. Best consumed within 6-weeks from date of purchase.

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