Single Origin Cocoa Bean-To-Bar 'LYO Ganache Nama'

Single Origin Cocoa Bean-To-Bar 'LYO Ganache Nama'


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This is our modern Wild Sweets® Chocolate Constructivism take on the classic French Ganache chocolate that we call ‘LYO Ganache Nama’ - an ‘East-Meets-West’ version that blends French with Japanese ingredients and techniques. Our distinct ‘Ganache’ version is made from our own single origin 70% cocoa bean-to-bar dark chocolate of different origins emulsified with fresh cream, a splash of cocoa liqueur as well as ‘Lyophilized’ (freeze-dried) fruit powders that enhances the natural characteristics of each cocoa beans. By using freeze dried fruits instead of purees, the filling of this chocolate is identical to the Japanese ‘Nama’ chocolate with its creamy, quick melting and uniform texture. However, unlike the traditional Japanese version, the LYO Ganache Nama are then coated in chocolate, and finished with a hand-painted almond paste decor for a texture contrast. This Collection features the following origins / assortment of flavours;

  • Ecuador: Spiced almond vanilla

  • Trinidad: Spiced dark fruits

  • Tanzania: Coffee Yuzu

  • Costa Rica: Spiced plum

Serving Size: Sold in gift box sleeves of 8-chocolates (@ 10g each).

Serving/Storage: Chocolates must be stored at 16°C/60°F or less, away from heat and/or sunlight. Best consumed within 14-days from date of purchase / receiving shipment.

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