Single Origin Chocolate Custard Ice Cream

Single Origin Chocolate Custard Ice Cream


PICKUP ONLY: This item does not ship and is only available to purchase online for collection at our Cocoa Bean Lab factory store 'The Atelier' in Richmond, BC  See location & store hours.

Our custard ice creams - meaning that the base contains not only milk and egg yolks, but also cream - are not made using the conventional ice cream machine, but instead are ‘creamed’ from a frozen state using a totally different technology and machinery called PacoJet. Specifically, batch freezing can take anywhere between 15 to 30-minutes per cycle whereas we produce 1-liter of ice cream in 1-minute. Ice crystals that typically results from conventional churning are non-existent with our method and instead yields an incredibly creamy texture. Our method also provides an overrun of between 10 to 15% maximum meaning you get almost all ice cream and very little air!

The custard ice cream is folded with pebbles of our own single origin cocoa bean to bar 70% dark chocolate, 20% sugar pure fruit confit and baked crème brûlée or stirred custard cream in the following flavours;

  • Tanzania Kokoa Kamili chocolate, red berry fruit confit, lemon custard cream

  • Costa Rica Maleku chocolate, red plum fruit confit, spiced molasses créme brûlée

  • Trinidad Gran Couva chocolate, blackberry fruit confit, spiced marshmallow crème brûlèe

  • Ecuador Camino Verde chocolate, peach mango fruit confit, spiced almond paste crème brûlèe

Servings: 185 g. single serving portion

Serving/Storage: This dessert is sold frozen and can be kept in that state for up to 6-weeks (-18°C / 0°F). Our ice cream are best enjoyed at a temperature of -8°C / 18°F so remove from the freezer and leave in fridge for 15-to-30 minutes before serving to allow it to reach the perfect serving temperature.

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