Wine | Spirit | Beer Pairing Chocolate 'Mendiants'

Wine | Spirit | Beer Pairing Chocolate 'Mendiants'


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This Wild Sweets® Constructivism confection is our distinct version of the French classic ‘Mendiants’. Our take on this chocolate confection is different primarily on two aspects. Firstly, it is crafted from our own house blend cocoa bean to bar dark chocolate. Secondly, these Mendiants have been specifically designed & crafted to be paired with various beverages including red, fortified, beer as well as spirit. As per the classic version, our Mendiants include a mix of dried fruits & nuts, but their selection was designed on their pairing synergy based on aromatic compounds such as cinnamaldehyde, anethole, eugenol, etc. We also added an additional textural and aromatic element in the form of a pâte de fruit (fruit jelly) that is rolled in an aromatized sugar, again designed for its pairing compatibility. These Mendiants offer a multi-textured confection from the soft, chewy to crunchy spectrum, and specifically designed for chewing rather than melting thus providing a better suited texture for chocolate and beverage pairing. The assorted box include the following Mendiants;

  • Red Wine – dark btb chocolate, spiced red fruits pâte de fruit, dried cherry / apricot / cranberry, roasted cashews.

  • Fortified Wine – dark btb chocolate, spiced black fruits pâte de fruit, dried apples / mango / cranberry, roasted peanuts.

  • Ale Beer – dark btb chocolate, spiced plum/beer pâte de fruit, dried plum / cranberry, roasted peanuts.

  • Spirit - dark btb chocolate, spiced apple pâte de fruit, dried apple / mango, roasted peanuts.

Serving Size: Sold in gift box sleeve of 4-units ± 25g each

Serving/Storage: Chocolate Mendiants must be stored at 16°C/60°F or less, away from heat and/or sunlight. Best consumed within 6-weeks from date of purchase. 

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