World Cakes Series: Masters of Food & Wine - USA

World Cakes Series: Masters of Food & Wine - USA


PICKUP ONLY: This item does not ship and is only available to purchase online with pre-order (minimum 24-hours notice from pickup day) for collection at our Cocoa Bean Lab factory store 'The Atelier' in Richmond, BC  See location & store hours.

As Canada's most acclaimed sweet chefs, we participated and/or represented Canada in many international competitions as well as high profile Food & Wine events the world over along side Michelin 3-stars chefs and world culinary icons. See our Awards page for a synopsis of major achievements & critical acclaim.

As part of the 'World Cakes Series', we release once a year desserts that we crafted for our participation in World events, some were only tasted by a few handful of people, and never made again after being exclusively presented or served at those specific events. Desserts within the ‘World Cakes Series’ are more complex as far as architecture components and/or level of decor, thus they are only offered on a ‘Limited Production’ basis of a few cakes each week. This cake was designed for our participation as 'Guest Master Chefs' at the Masters of Food & Wine – the mecca of the who’s is who of the culinary and wine world. Past participants have included: Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, Charlie Trotter, Alice Waters, Thomas Keller, Paul Bocuse, Emeril Lagasse, Eric Rippert, Andoni Luis Aduriz, Grant Achatz to name but a few. And we were the only Canadian pastry chefs ever invited to participate in the event 21-years life span! As the event invitation coincided with the release of their first ‘Best Cookbook in the World’, which unique focus was on the blending of sweet & savoury ingredients, this cake is a reflection of that creative process. Only a few dozen people tasted this dessert when first presented and 10 more people tasted it again with their winning bid of $2,000 on November 10, 2018 as part of a fundraising auction for the Vancouver General Hospital UBC Foundation.

If you are looking for something truly exclusive to end your dinner party - this may very well be it!

NB:  This dessert is a cake version of the original and some of the techniques to make / assemble it have been updated. And the chocolate used in the recipe is now our own cocoa bean to bar chocolate.

Architecture: Layers of baked Emental cheese Sablé cookie, crispy crêpes peanut praliné cream, roasted peanut Dacquoise biscuit, basil infused tomato & strawberry Crème Brûlée cream, Bean to Bar Madagascar Bejofo Estate dark chocolate mousse sabayon. Elegantly finished with a cocoa butter spray and hand-painted chocolate textured decor.

Suggested Pairing: Hot chocolate tea, coffee or a sweet fortified wine such as Portuguese LBV Port, California Black Muscat and/or Australia Liqueur Tokay.

Servings: 1300g / 8-12 servings depending on portion size [Suggested serving = 130g / person]

Serving/Storage: This dessert must be stored in the fridge at all times and consumed within 48 hours of purchase. Remove from the fridge about 1 hour before serving to allow cake to reach the perfect serving condition (temperature, texture and aroma)

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